Can Socks Change The World?

We at Hero-on-Socks are dedicated to our mission. Creating awareness en protecting the needed on our planet that’s who we are. Every sock we sell helps to achieve our mission.

With amazing organisations that strengthen communities and help all kind of individuals grow and gain confidence. Sometimes a person just needs a little help, and we believe that every living being on our planet deserves that change.

By partnering with non-profit organisations aimed at ending cycles of abuse, poverty, sickness, proper education, gender equality, homelessness, ...

Together we can make an impact.

40% of the profit we make is donated to charity goals local or worldwide. That means every sock you buy today, tomorrow, and until forever, helps to save our planet.

But our mission doesn’t end with financial contribution.

More than just giving money!

#Heronsocks is about raising awareness to create a lasting change.




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