We at Hero-on-Socks are committed to our mission: making people aware that there is no plan B for our planet.
Every sock that we sell helps us to get one step closer to that mission.

Collaboration is essential

We work with great organizations that empower people by giving them confidence. Organizations that break through abuse, poverty, illness, homelessness,... that sometimes has been going on for years. They ensure accessible education, gender equality, inclusion, respect, etc. Sometimes someone just needs some help. We believe that every living being on our planet deserves that help.

Every pair of sold socks helps someone somewhere. So if you wear our socks, you are a real Hero-in-Socks and you improve the world. Simple right?

So we can make an impact together

We donate 40% of our profit to charities; locally or anywhere in the world. That means that every sock you buy today, tomorrow, and forever, will help save our planet.
But our mission does not end with a financial contribution ...


#Heroonsocks is also - and perhaps even more - about creating awareness to achieve lasting change.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are our starting point. Seventeen global goals and 169 sub-goals that should get our planet back on track by 2030 when it comes to the environment, the living conditions of people, our prosperity. This brochure tells you everything about it.

However, the word "global" says it all: the SDGs are essentially a framework for companies, organizations and governments around the world. And so the question soon came up: what does that mean for the woman or man in the street? Can they also do their bit? Can we also make a contribution?

Good Life Goals

The Good Life Goals (GLGs) provide the answer to that question. They make the "global" objectives local and personal. They are the shortest route from your personal action to a better world.

An example?

SDG 2 is officially "No hunger". Slightly longer it says "End hunger, achieve food for everyone and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture". The ultimate goal is to help hunger out of the world by 2030, among other things, counting on sustainable agriculture.

GLG 2 appeals to you very personally. "Eat better!" And gives some examples of things you can do tomorrow:

  • eat more fruits and vegetables. Or - reading between the lines - eat less meat because the meat industry is an important source of CO2 emissions
  • buy locally grown and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Preferably fair trade. So forget about green beans from Kenya or strawberries in the winter
  • help children, the elderly and pregnant women to (be able to) eat what is good for them
  • become informed about the food you buy: how is it grown, produced, transported, etc.?

And so we link each sock not only to a good cause, but also to the underlying Good Life Goal that tells you, you can have a very personal impact with small but hands on steps.





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