Corona Duo Box

Dear Hero,

We are here for you!

Especially in these challenging times now that the corona virus is gripping us all.

Today it is more important than ever to be there for each other.
Even if that can only be done online.
Because that is what we do and will continue to do in all circumstances, together with you we
will continue to create dialogue around themes and topics that matter.

Together we will continue to fight for this planet and every living being on it!
We make an impact with together.

With our partners we have created a sock against the clock.
Why? To say thank you, Merci!

But also to let you say thanks to everyone who is today is not 100 but 200% committed to fight
against this terrible virus.
Let them feel that we are behind them as one massive block.
And that we are incredibly grateful for all those HEROES.
Because real HEROES don't wear a capes ..

#Together against Corona


That is why we put the proceeds of every pair of Corona socks sold in our virtual sock and ask
you to put all your warm initiatives and strong stories in the spotlight with us for a year.

Our full attention is only focused on initiatives that help to overcome Corona.



spread the love not the virus
We doen het samen medisch

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Corona duo
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