KisSocks box

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There is little that makes us happier than true love.

Although it is not always granted to everyone.

With the KisSocks we want to spread a colorful, loving message to everyone.

Whether you are male or female, or anything in between, with long, short, crooked, brown or bright white toes ...

Love is love! And so you can secretly combine them to your heart's content with the KisSocks of others.

Go on, playing footsie all night.


KisSocks box

There are 4 different socks in one box (2 mixed pairs) so you can create 16 different kissing combinations.



KisSocks is a collab with Lord Loebas

Heren LoebasLord Loebas Heren Loebas is a creative studio on a mission to make a playful mark on the world. Together we bring impactful designs, brands and advertisements to life. By telling visual stories that steal hearts and activate fun eyes. With the courtesy of a gentleman and the naughtiness of a loebas.



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