Who doesn’t like a suprise?

A Hero-on-socks sockscription is happiness delivered to your doorsteps monthly. Every sock lover will fall head over heels month after month for surprise styles & extra goodies we can’t even talk about it here. And all you have to do is press a button. Every month you will be a real HERO, people will turn their heads when you are passing by.


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Our Monthly promise:

As your monthly sock providors we promise: that our crazy socks will be there for you, every step of the day; to send a monthly sockscription full of socks that keep you in stitches all day long; to help everybody,

in funniest way possible; to reliably awesomeness in our box each and every month; and to put our best foot forward in making this socksubscription the most amazing experience of your month.


1 in each box. (unisex)

Gift Options?

Yup! Personalize with a digital gift message!


Prepay for full subscription (we don't bill you every month).


Included in the price! We ship in Europe.

When does it ship?

Cut off day is the 1ste week of the month.


Nope, we don't store your card information for your security. We will send you a reminder 2 months before it's your last subscription so that you can renew if you like!


Order your sockscription


Get them before anyone else.

HOS suscription is full of exclusive sneak peeks. Sometimes we might even throw in a different color or style than what you see on our site. This subscription is full of surprises!

Show them you truly get them: give them the gift HERO-ON-Socks subscription ticket! When you buy your friend, neighbor, coworker, family member, doctor, or pet the gift of subscription:

  • We'll send them an email card with a personalized message from you, letting them know they've got awesome socks coming every month!
  • Your gift keeps giving, month after month, reminding them how much you love and care.>/li>
  • They'll get more than just socks: fun, exclusive extras, and the fun that comes with anticipation and surprise!
  • You'll get warm, fuzzy feelings on your insides.*
    *Not guaranteed.

So easy, you'll think you missed something.
All you need to do is tell us whether this subscription is for you, or for someone else; where you want us to send it; and how long you want the subscription for. 6 or 12 months.
Add it to your cart, pay for it all now, and then just sit back and wait for awesomeness delivered monthly! It's really that simple.


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An awesome pair is ready to surprise each month.

We've been making you awesome, crazy, fun, funky socks since 2018, so you can trust that our crazy socks will be there for you, every step of the day. #Heronsocks keep you in stitches all day long; to help you in the funnest way possible, and reliably deliver awesomeness. Want to know what to expect? We won't spoil the surprise, but you can take a look through our socks.

Still have questions?

We have probably answered them in our special HOS FAQ!

If you still have questions, give us a call or shoot us a quick message--we're happy to help!




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