We produce with certified bio-cotton. Because we totally believe in it.

  • We dye our yarns in a GOTS and OEKO-TEX 100 certified dying house to get the right colouring to your trendy feet. No pesticides.
  • The dying house re-uses 20% of the water used in the dying process. The water that can’t be recycled follows its own pipeline and is later treated at Tratave, a waste water treatment plant. Therefore, no water used in the process is released to nature.
  • Our packing is made of recycled cardboard.
  • Our packing is made without no glues and can be recycled for 100%
  • Quality is key. The way we look at it, sustainability starts by making products that lasts long. So, that’s what our socks do.
  • We produce in Italy. Because we want to keep our footprint of transport down.

Every fiber in our organization believes that we must be in balance with the planet. Therefore we produce with bio-cotton (GOTS certified). This uses 50% less water than when growing genetically modified cotton. Our labels are made of recycled cardboard.

Naturally we go for a 100% sustainable brand.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres. Including ecological and social criteria. By using organic cotton, we make sure:

  • No toxic chemicals are used. People and our planet go first.
  • We use up to 50% less water, because organically grown cotton plants need less water than their genetically modified counterparts.
  • Farmers have safe working conditions and receive fair wages for their production.
  • To make sure the products are long-lasting, we produce, steam and press the socks in factories in Europe. This process prevents shrinkage and makes the socks ultra soft and long-lasting. Since we believe that sustainability starts by making products that endure. You will feel the difference in quality.




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